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About TGS

The words TGS is obviously an acronym from The Gorgeous Shop. The Gorgeous Shop literally mean an online store or boutique selling beautiful and attractive clothes, accessories, and offering the creation of beautiful craft items to our shopper. The words Gorgeous is origin from Old French gorgias, (describing sumptuous clothing) meaning fashionable, fine and elegant. 

The Gorgeous Shop is an online fashion boutique, craft gallery and gift store who founded in March 2009 by Joee Lam, which was started off as a fashion blog and slowly turned to an online store. The Gorgeous Shop is selling beautiful clothes, accessories, attractive gifts and creative craft items. With personal interest towards fashions, accessories, gifts and creative craft and DIY items, TGS hope to provide a convenient online destination to our shopper to enjoy online shopping with us by just a click with us at anytime and anywhere through our online channel.

March 2009

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